WSP 53: Dads and Daughters: Helping Them Bond

Lucky little girls are daddy’s darling, but when the teen years hit, that special relationship can take a hit, sometimes throwing the whole family off balance. Not only does the resulting dynamic have a definitive impact on a young woman’s sense of esteem and behavior in the present, but a father can also leave an indelible imprint on his daughter’s future including her self-worth, career success, earning potential, and relationships with men going forward: even for the rest of her life.

In this episode, multi-award-winning author and global marriage educator, Ramona Zabriskie, and her husband of 40+ years, Dale, answer a wife who can sense how important the father-daughter bond is, especially for her teen girls, and wonders (in the face of a lot of conflicts at home) what she can do as a wife and a mother to help her husband and girls tone it down and better connect.

THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “My husband and teen daughters are constantly at odds, and I’m constantly in the middle. What can I do to get him to understand their feelings, and get them to show him more respect? Help. This is wearing me out.”


  •  Why adolescence is such an awkward time for fathers and daughters
  •  What behaviors are to be expected and what behaviors are worrisome
  • The “Prime Directive” in raising teen girls
  •  Eight eye-opening strategies (P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W) that will create more bonding between your husband and daughters
  • WHY his connection is so important to her and WHAT should remain most important between them

“Ramona and Dale share spot-on advice and cutting-edge scientific knowledge that will help smooth the rough bumps in relationships. Their years of experience and grand marriage shine thru in an unscripted way. This has been my favorite podcast for years! And now my husband will join in to listen. Thanks, Ramona and Dale for becoming part of our family!” ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener


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