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Understanding Your Husbandand Sons

Ramona Zabriskie

Author, speaker, educator

SO inspiring and encouraging! Power packed!​

Whether you're frustrated or getting along just fine.

In this NEW 2-hour LIVE presentation, you're going to...

See inside the male brain (literally) to understand how your man and your sons view and interact with the world.

Learn what you are doing (without knowing it) that may be hurting more than helping your relationships.

Discover approaches to communicating that will create a positive bond between you.

Understand how to make the most of your influential power as a wife and mother.

Plus Three Free Bonuses for Everyone Who Attends

Technology and Media Use

Family Declaration Blueprint

A whole year's worth of

No-to-low Cost Date Night Ideas

Ramona's Acclaimed

Marriage Markers Assessment

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Ramona Zabriskie is one of the most eloquent, colorful, profound presenters I have EVER seen. In only a few days, my marriage is changing for the better. I cannot wait to see where we are in a year!

I am a professor of Marriage and Family with a stay-at-home husband. This was extremely enlightening!

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this presentation, and there were MANY, was the knowledge that I now had the understanding and the tools of how to draw my husband and boys to me.

As promised in the presentation, I can tell you this is also improving my relationship with my teenage son!

I’ve been married for over 40 years and have 4 sons and felt that I probably didn’t need this class. I was wrong.

Ramona Zabriskie Your Presenter

This Masterclass is the culmination of Ramona Zabriskie’s 25 years of experience as a sought-out marriage mentor and educator. Through her 5-time award-winning book, Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, as well as her WifeSavers Podcast, WifeSavers by Ramona on YouTube Channel, and most transformative of all, her personal development and marital success program, the WifeSavers Course and Community, Ramona has helped thousands of women in over 70 countries to pursue their dreams while living with and loving men and boys.

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