Private Mentoring for You, or for Your Husband, or for You Both

This opportunity is for a select few.
Are you one of them?
Let’s find out…

Does heart-to-heart mentoring, with personalized support, loving accountability, and customized instruction sound exactly like what you need?

It continues to be an especially stressful, challenging time in the world. In your world.

But can it also be the start of a “new” (or rather, far better) you? Can it be the beginning of real progress for your spouse? Or for taking your marriage through the roof?

What if this was THE YEAR you finally reconcile or redirect the troubled relationships in your life and also create healthy new relationships? 

Could this be your chance to break out and fast track your personal dreams?

You can do that—we can do that—any of that or all of that—together


When you Mentor with one of us as an individual, or with both of us with your spouse or partner, we devote exclusive time and energy to you and for you—just you. 

  • As your advocates, your champions, your sympathizers, soothers, and teachers, we are there for you when you have worries, fears, triumphs, and joys. 
  • We also have your back in those unexpectedly urgent moments, when you suddenly feel confused or alarmed. 
  • And we’re right there, when you need answers to your questions, or need clarity and tailoring of a principle or a strategy unique to your personal desires and circumstances.

As a result, our Private Mentees consistently experience major breakthroughs in their personal development, in their marriage, in their family relationships, and even in their employment, which, to begin with, they hardly hoped were possible. 

No one believes in the genuine, long-term worth of a knowledgeable, reputable, caring mentor more than we do. We attribute our own personal and relational growth (as well as the saving of our marriage!) to key mentors in our life. Our work today, as a couple, in a very real sense, is a payback to them.

Because of that, because of them, we would love nothing more than to serve you in the same way. 

It’s a magical thing, a mentor-mentee relationship; that’s why we love it. At times, we will walk behind you, urging you on. Other times, we will walk right beside you. And once in a while, as needed, we’ll step out in front so as to clear the way before you. 

Which type of mentoring is for you?

Mentoring with Ramona is for women and men of all ages and from all stages of family life and relationship experience: married, single, divorced, contemplating divorce, children, no children, employed, unemployed. Ramona’s work with women and men around the world for decades has honed her natural gifts for empathy and instruction so that she is truly a gifted mentor. Together, you will focus on the challenges in your life and relationships, as well as your personal dreams.

Mentoring with Dale is for men of all ages and from all stages of family life and relationship experience: married, single, divorced, contemplating divorce, children, no children, employed, unemployed. Dale’s mentoring is sought after not only for his highly valued experience, insight, and counsel but also for his personalized service and friendship. Together, you will focus on career development and/or relationship concerns, whatever meets your objectives.

✦  Mentoring with Ramona and Dale as a couple, or with just Ramona if preferred, is for wives and their husbands of all ages and from all stages of family life and relationship experience. We open our doors (and hearts!) to a VERY few, VERY select COUPLES, who we believe would benefit, as a husband and wife, from our special love, attention, and mentoring. Please note that “couple mentoring” is not “couple counseling”. It is far more gentle, compassionate, patient, kind, and friendship/equality-based with a very positive, hopeful focus on the future, rather than an emphasis on rehashing the past or on clinical/psychological analysis.

Shall we make a place for you?

In any or each of the three types of mentoring (above), we focus on your personal development as well as the people in your life that are important or of concern to you, including your spouse, ex-spouse, children, step-children, in-laws, parents, siblings, neighbors, or co-workers and your relationships with them. (Working women, for instance, well know how stressful relationships at work affect relationships at home and visa-versa. We can and will address both.)

Together, we’ll gently identify the problems or obstacles that are interfering with your growth or happiness and take time to feel or to grieve over them. We’ll then get to work creating truly workable, truly effective solutions—customized solutions—tailor-made to your needs and desires. As you implement our solutions, we’ll continue right beside you as your guides, supports, and cheerleaders.

We will also explore the more positive aspects of your life: your hopes and dreams, and the circumstances or supports you need to pursue them. Together, we’ll shape your present to facilitate the future you are visualizing; and over time, we will rejoice as mentor and mentee, in the beautiful new life you’ve created for yourself.

It’s totally possible.

It happens all the time for those we mentor privately, one-on-one over a period of time. We’ve also been mentoring couples for years and love seeing the progress in whole families most of all.

If you want to know how our mentoring program works...

…you can jump to the bottom to learn how to apply, OR we invite you to keep reading… 

There are two important components to our Private Mentoring:

ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING SESSIONS. We meet together at a pre-scheduled time based on our mutual availability, in our virtual office or by phone (your choice) to talk together about your hopes, dreams, plans, relationships, and concerns. 

Single sessions may be scheduled once or twice. Single sessions will, without question, prove very valuable. However, many of our mentees commit to at least a 3-month period of regular, weekly mentoring sessions; by far the most effective approach.

SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE WEEK. For those who commit to at least a 3-month period of regular, weekly mentoring sessions, we also offer personal support in between our one-on-ones.

You are able to reach us via email or voice or video messaging. Mentees find this service extremely valuable as they work to apply the principles and strategies we discuss together in our regular face-to-face meetings.

If all of that sounds wonderful or intriguing to you, but you would like to know more about how Private Mentoring has specifically helped other men and women...

…you can jump to the bottom to learn how to apply, OR keep reading… 

———Do you need empathetic champions and experienced guides?

“The Zabriskie’s education, experience, and understanding of both men’s and women’s greatest fears, innate gifts, and inherent strengths, allow them to both nurture you as a couple and tutor you as individuals to leverage your personal power to effect a positive impact in your family relations. They instill confidence and inspire courage as they assist in sorting out misguided beliefs and misunderstandings in your marriage relationship.  Their guidance, encouragement, and teaching provided the impetus we needed to step out of blaming and victimhood and into victory as we embraced the essential personal work required to become the man and woman we are today. We will be forever grateful to them and for them.”

———Do you need help navigating or resolving a complicated situation?

“I had found my marriage situation so complicated that I desperately (and immediately) needed one-on-one guidance from someone I trusted to make sense of things for myself. That is exactly what I got and much more. Not only did Dale help me realize what was really going one but he also gave me the tools to gain back my confidence. I really appreciated that he gave me clear step-by-step actions to work on or how to respond to particular situations, as I was pretty overwhelmed on where to start and didn’t have the confidence to tell between right and wrong at that stage. I knew right away that this was the BEST thing I could have ever done for myself and my family.”

———Do you need a new understanding and fresh perspective to change everything?

“Ramona can listen between the words and facial expressions and then counsel with clarity and insight. Her insight is so valuable. She has often helped me see issues, concerns, and my own personal sensitivities that I have that interfere with the effectiveness in my marriage, in my relationships, and in life in general. Often these insights are such that I could not articulate, but when presented to me resonate as true and authentic. Once named and identified, I can then go about their transformation. This has not only immediate benefits but continues long term as I continue to learn and grow. Mentoring with Ramona is truly an investment in myself. I  am eternally grateful to have worked with Ramona.”

If that’s what YOU need and if outcomes like those sound worthy of the real investment (in yourself!) that is required...

…you can jump to the bottom to learn how to apply, OR continue reading to learn what you need to know and to do…

One of the questions we like to bring up to our mentees is this: Who are you really? And what are you destined to do? What will your life be like next year, in 5 years, in 25 years???

As Mentors, it is our joy and our privilege to guide you to the answers and through the process of turning them into reality. 

We’ll do that through a remarkably effective three-step process: 

First, PERSONAL DISCOVERY. Together, we will explore how you got to where you are today and why your relationships are affecting you the way they are. Our mentees are often quite surprised at how positive this phase of our work together really is. It leaves them feeling clarified and strong.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

Second, PERSONAL DESIGN. This exciting process leads us into hopes and dreams you’ve hardly articulated or dared to consider. We use your past and present to shape your future in a very concrete, actionable way: a future where YOU are the master of your heart. A beautiful life finally feels attainable.

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell

Third, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. In this phase, which is ongoing, we actually work your plan. We identify obstacles or challenges as they appear and then navigate through them or around them. It is also a thrill to rejoice in your victories together: triumphs that will materialize because of your beautiful efforts.

“Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done.” — Junot Diaz

Again, we will be sure that all three phases are positive and uplifting, always respectful, loving, and gentle. And always PRIVATE. The contents of coaching sessions are kept strictly private.

If you feel ready to effect real, deep, lasting transformation in your heart and in your life at a very personal and personalized level—if you are ready to invest in the life and the love you’ve always wanted—then it’s YOUR time!

YOUR NEXT STEP: express your interest to

She will share with you more details, including the cost, etc. and will explain how to apply for the program. 

Much love, 

Ramona and Dale Zabriskie

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