WSP 54: Creating A Fantastic Summer for the Whole Family – Including YOU

Summer is a season ripe with possibilities. Will your family’s summer be full of sunshine, swims, and strawberries? Or boredom, disarray, and family tension? As a wife and mother, you’d like to keep things productive and in control at home from day to day, but you also want the family to enjoy a bit more freedom individually while making happy summer memories together. How will you do that? Blue skies and warm temperatures aren’t enough.

In this episode of the WifeSavers Podcast, Creating a Fantastic Summer for the Whole Family – Including YOU, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband on 40+ years, Dale, share their tactics and history for making the most of the summer months to reset and refresh not only the kids but yourself and your marriage.

THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “I really want this summer to be less stressful than the rest of the year for me and my kids but I don’t want everything to go to pot. Ideas please.”

⇒ Listen and learn how to combine a little inquiry, a little creativity, and a bit of pre-planning to make ALL the difference for ALL the family this summer!


  1. How to turn your entire summer into a “celebration”
  2. Five themes to organize and build your plans around
  3. Five things you need to be doing right NOW to make it happen
  4. More than a dozen practical strategies to make sure that YOU TOO are having “the best summer ever”.

“Ramona is my hero! I love your positivity and optimism. Whenever my husband and children are driving me nuts, and I want to run away, I go for a long walk and listen to your podcast and get some perspective and jump back in with renewed energy. Thank you! ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener


  • Ep 29: Creating or Saving Your Family Vacation
  • Ep 24: Tech and Relationships: part 2, Husband and Kids
  • Ep 14: Dealing With Extended Family, Especially Thru the Holidays

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