WSP Ep 24: Tech and Relationships Part 2: Husband and Kids

The fun and functionality of our screens are creating a seamless interaction between us (the users) and the greater world. There’s a lot of good in that. But there’s also a lot to be aware of and concerned about. Are you or your husband and children becoming hyper-stimulated by virtual activity and in the process, becoming desensitized to one another? When parents and kids, husbands and wives, choose to immerse themselves in their devices instead of in one another, they’re experiencing what is aptly called “the great divide”.

In the conclusion to this two-part series, multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, complete their answer to a wife who is feeling increasingly estranged and neglected by a husband absorbed in his mobile devices and gaming.

THROW ME A WIFESAVER: How do the kids and I become more interesting than his cell phone? And what to do about hubby’s video gaming in the evening downstairs when I want to spend time with him (especially a war game)?

Listen and learn how to get your spouse and kids to work together to create, and then support, a family tech and media plan.

Key Points in this podcast:

  • How a couple and a family can collaborate on solutions
  • Eight questions that will get the family thinking and talking
  • Five sample family media standards
  • Six sample family technology standards
  • Tactical musts to support personal and family cybersecurity
  • Tactical options to help protect your relationships and maintain the family plan
  • Five steps to proactively counter the negative aspects of today’s domineering media and online culture

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