WSP Ep 23: Tech and Relationships Part 1: You

How has technology impacted your most important relationships? With all our compulsive “connecting”, many of us are actually “disconnecting” from the loved ones that are present, the ones who are depending on us in so many ways to “be there” for them. How do we embrace technology without losing ourselves or our closest relationships in the matrix?

Multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who is feeling increasingly estranged and neglected by a husband absorbed in his mobile devices and gaming.

THROW ME A WIFESAVER: How do the kids and I become more interesting than his cell phone? And what to do about hubby’s video gaming in the evening downstairs when I want to spend time with him (especially a war game)?

Listen and learn how a wife and mother can help manage and prioritize the health and well-being of herself, her marriage, and her family in a hyperconnected, tech-mediated world. Part one in a two-part series.

Key Points in this podcast:

  • The “threats” posed to families by the overuse or misuse of technology
  • Eight technology-induced addictions
  • Six questions to help determine if there is an addiction at play
  • Four uses of technology to evaluate your own dependence by
  • Recognizing and avoiding technological narcissism
  • The science behind our digital impulsiveness
  • A simple way to determine whether to engage with tech or the people present in any given moment

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“Full of experiences and wonderful advice that inspires me to become a better wife, which in return makes him a better husband. ✭✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener

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