WSP Ep 16: Seeing Eye to Eye: What to Do When You Don’t

Is there an issue in your family or marriage that the two of just can’t see to agree on? One that you both feel strongly about? How will you ever get on the same page?

In this episode, multi-award-winning author and global marriage educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who would like to resolve a real concern with her husband but is reticent to bring it up because she knows he’ll disagree with her.

Throw Me a WifeSaver: “What is the best way to have a conversation with my husband to try to work on and come to a compromise on a big issue on which we do not see eye to eye?”

Listen and learn how the two of you can productively navigate your way through the difficult conversations that focus on red-button issues.

Key Topics:

  • How the “big” issues differ from natural, everyday conflict
  • The specific approach proven by researchers to be the most effective
  • Your top three objectives during a critical conversation
  • How to avoid taking responsibility for your partner’s emotion
  • Ways to down-regulate defensiveness
  • The 6 conversational stages that will guide you to a constructive conclusion
  • A natural, simplified approach to accomplishing those stages
  • Model of a conversation on a critical issue
  • The real purpose of the exercise or how to measure success

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