WS Podcast Ep 40: When There’s No Place OTHER THAN Home, You Need More of THIS

Is “there’s no place like home” getting tested in your home like never before? During current shelter-in orders—and with the days and weeks ahead still a big question mark—how does a family manage the strain on their relationships over the long haul? Bringing everything down to just four simple but powerful practices will make all the difference.

In this episode of the WifeSavers Podcast, When There’s No Place Other Than Home, You Need More of THIS, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie, and her husband of 40+ years, Dale, discuss how you and your family can feel happy with each other day after day, for as long as it takes, inside your own four walls.

THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “I’m the kind of person that will obey all the rules and not mind not going out. I’ve REALLY enjoyed being home for the past few weeks. But the truth is all the worry over the virus and groceries and toilet paper is starting to wear on me, and the kids are getting cabin fever and my husband is getting edgy. What can I do?”

Key points in this podcast:

  • What is required to “flatten” the “negativity curve”
  • What “shedding” is and how it calms and strengthens a family
  • The 4 vital dynamics you all need MORE of during this stressful time
  • How to combat “sameness” 
  • Critical approaches to “too much” togetherness
  • The science of touch including the dangers of “skin hunger”
  • Strategies for increasing the primary hormones that alleviate stress
  • What children know and do that will help everyone in the family

“A wonderful blend of insights and wisdom. A perfect blend of fun and information! ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener

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