WSP Ep 11: Turning Negative Communication With Your Husband to the Positive

Are too many conversations with your husband leaving both of your feeling frustrated? It may be that what you are saying is being heard very differently than you intend. Ramona and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who doesn’t mean to come across as negative and unloving but is afraid that’s exactly how she’s being received. Listen and learn how with a few tweaks in approach and wording a wife can completely alter the outcome of almost any co with her husband to the positive.

Throw Me a WifeSaver: “Sometimes when I respond negatively to things with my husband, I know right away that I’ve gone about it all wrong. I definitely don’t want to handle things in an unloving way it just seems to come out in a burst of emotions sometimes before I even know how to package it in a more positive way. Any suggestions?”

Key Topics:

  • Why his perceptions may be formed or based on the words and phrases you are using
  • Identifying seven characteristics of negative language that you may be unaware of
  • What actual messages you may be sending inadvertently
  • Mindset or paradigm shifts that will undergird permanent changes in your communication style
  • Three simple but powerful linguistic approaches that will lessen confusion and leave you both feeling better

1 thought on “WSP Ep 11: Turning Negative Communication With Your Husband to the Positive”

  1. I have recommended this podcast and two others from Ramona to three friends! I have also encouraged them to sign up. Dale and Ramona give an excellent example of effective communication, give and take, respect and concern in every episode!

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