WSP Ep 10: How Do I Find Balance? A Woman’s Greatest Challenge

Do you feel like the hub of a wheel and all the spokes are squeaking? Everyone and everything seems to need you right now, which means someone or something is being neglected: YOU especially. What would it take to feel more “balanced”? Ramona and her husband Dale answer a wife who is wearing out; spread so thin between competing responsibilities and relationships, she’s afraid no one is getting “enough”.

Throw Me a WifeSaver: “I find that often I just run out of time and energy to focus on anything. What can I do to help this problem lessen? How do I find balance?”

Listen and learn why a woman gets so easily “out of balance” and how she can realign herself and her relationships so that everyone feels more steady and satisfied.

Key Topics:

  • The inherent gifts of womanhood that make her susceptible to overdoing
  • False perceptions or definitions of “balance” that fuel frustration
  • The exhausting struggle between a woman’s two great needs or desires
  • How an inner “hierarchy” can guide her choices
  • What “responding” and “romancing” have to do with restoring balance
  • Why a husband is uniquely positioned to help her achieve and maintain balance

2 thoughts on “WSP Ep 10: How Do I Find Balance? A Woman’s Greatest Challenge”

  1. I think that we can give ourselves SO MUCH grace as we consider that balance looks different for each woman each day and at each stage of her life! You have helped us understand how to properly prioritize oneself and others so that we may better discern what balance looks like daily for ourselves. Thank you, Ramona and Dale, for sharing your wisdom and experience with finding balance.

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