WSP Ep 7: Feeling Burnt Out After Too Much Stress?

Are too many stressful days in a row leaving you feeling overwhelmed? Inadequate? Neglected or unsupported? Would you like to feel hopeful, productive, even joyful again?

In this episode, Ramona and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who in the aftermath of excessive and prolonged stress, is feeling used up and burnt out. Listen and learn how a woman can bring healthy energy back into her life without costly vacations, elaborate strategies, or wearing out loved ones in the process.

Throw Me a WifeSaver: I feel like the aloe plant that’s been forgotten on the porch…Sometimes I wonder if all the care & attention in the world will be enough to resurrect that poor aloe/me!”

Key Topics:

  • Why the search for happiness may be the wrong approach
  • Easy adaptions to bring joy into her life
  • The consequences of a women’s non-stop thinking and activity
  • The antidote to the killer hormone, cortisol
  • Why we need regular doses of time alone and time with other women
  • What a husband can do to help, and the advantages to him
  • Approaches to self-education to restore worth and mental health
  • Approaches to finding new perspective through “inspiration”
  • The key to avoiding depletion

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3 thoughts on “WSP Ep 7: Feeling Burnt Out After Too Much Stress?”

  1. I am LOV-ING this!!!!!!! Dale describing you going back and forth around the house after he gets home from work and then he bids for you to just sit with him and you just can’t do it!! The “to do” list is TOO LONG, right??!! finally know the truth–you’re just like me!! I’m only three minutes in and I’m hooked!! Thank you, Ramona and Dale! I love you both for everything you are and everything you SHARE with us!

  2. This gal threw away her burnt ended, dark leafed AND fully flattened, fully depleted aloe. I think there was rot and decay under the still intact, tough outer skin. No longer was there anything succulent about that poor plant. There truly was no hope…. LOL! ? And what a relief to now know HOW to save myself from a similar fate from stress and burnout. Phew!

    My favorite part in the podcast? Learning that there is a huge difference between two types of “service.” The kind we have to do because honestly, little people need it for their survival…. And all the other many “have-tos” in life. I was always taught that I need to be content with that kind of “service.” I always was told that serving others and looking outside myself when I am depleted, rejuvenates. And I kept on trying to get it by doing more “have-to’s” and “must do’s.” Nope! Or not quite. Cuz I CAN shift my perspective in all that too. But this podcast explained the difference to me I was not seeing. There is that another kind of service. That kind where we choose to intentionally serve others in a way that tugs at our heart. Calls to us. This second kind truly rejuvenates. Replenishes. Thank you. I now give myself permission to let the cereal flakes stay under the table as I grab the time to make my best (girl) friend’s favorite banana bread. I give myself permission to schedule with my husband a time to disappear ALONE to deliver that bread and spend a few moments enjoying her friendship, sharing a slice of the bread, and taking 10 minutes to help her scoop out from under her daily grind just a tad. I give myself permission to intentionally plan that moment to give her that moment. A moment of unexpected joy amidst her chaotic life. Which now I know brings me joy. Then we can both get back to scooping up messes under tables and off of chins and off of little bottoms… with a little bit more energy and perspective shift. Thanks Ramona and Dale. I really needed your lighthearted and well earned insights on how to exact my own paradigm shift in this area. Headed out into nature now too. And ironically, its raining perfect drops of rain just for me.

    I think I will be coming back to listen to this podcast more than once. Its a gem.

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