WSP Ep 3: Wanting Him to Say “I love you” More Often

In this episode, Ramona and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who is longing for more verbal affirmation and expressions of love from her husband. Learn how a wife can ask for, inspire, recognize, and receive his expressions of love.

Throw Me a WifeSaver: “My husband rarely says I love you. I can’t even remember the last time. I hate always being the first one to say it, like I’m prompting him. What can I do?”

Key Topics:

  • How and why he expresses his feelings differently from her
  • What affect her discontent is having on him
  • How personality and family background affect his communication
  • Ways to encourage him positively to meet her need
  • The most effective and productive perspective on the situation
  • How to lessen the irritation and disappointment she feels

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