WSP Ep 2: Getting Your Husband to Prioritize Your Needs Too

In this episode, Ramona and her husband, Dale, answer a wife whose husband is so swamped with his work and education, her needs are at the bottom of his list. Learn how a wife can peacefully and productively recruit her husband’s help and support without manipulating, pressuring, or nagging.

Throw Me a WifeSaver: “What I’m wondering is, how do I help my husband see that my needs and wants need to be a priority to him too?”

Key Topics:

  • Becoming aware of and having confidence in her own needs
  • Why he may appear unaware or uncaring
  • Strategy for articulating her needs
  • What he needs from his wife in order to succeed with her
  • The benefits to a husband of partnering with his wife to meet her needs
  • Whether or not to prioritize “our” needs over “my” needs
  • How to motivate him to want to continue to help and please her
  • What her patience and steady efforts over time will yield in their relationship

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