the life and the love you married for

An online, interactive, personal education to help you transform yourself, your husband, and your marriage!


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Would you like to feel…

  • Supported and appreciated by your husband?
  • Sure you can depend on him and he can
    depend on you?
  • Joy in his company?
  • Free to prioritize yourself once in awhile?
  • Optimistic about the direction you and your
    marriage are heading?

But instead you feel…

  • Alone and unable to clearly explain what is
    hurting or bothering you, or maybe
  • Stressed about being out of sync with him, or perhaps
  • Afraid that you’ve lost the fun and ease in your
    relationship, or
  • Concerned that the real you is disappearing, or
  • Just a little worried about the future.

Marriage should be…

…the springboard to a fulfilling life. A loving husband and a wife should feel energized by one another; emotionally supported and confident in pursuing their everyday plans and life dreams.

Too often though…

…spouses don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to develop that kind of partnership, and wives in particular end up worried, frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused.

But add a little…

…wisdom beyond your own, and that can change. That can easily change.

With the right kind of encouragement, guidance, and example, you can learn how to create the life and the love you married for: a relationship that frees, balances, and supports you while it also inspires your husband to mature into his best, most loving, most courageous self.


What is the WifeSavers Education Membership?

The WifeSavers Education Membership is an online, interactive learning program to help women naturally, gradually educate themselves in the understanding and skills required to feel successful in their personal development and in their marriage.

The program encompasses the unique, celebrated body of powerful, proven knowledge taught by Ramona Zabriskie: presented to WifeSavers members in a flexible, manageable style that respects your demanding life and family budget.


What Will You LEARN?

Your WifeSavers education will open your heart and mind to the secrets and strategies that thousands of women around the world are using today to lead more fulfilling lives and to literally save, resurrect, or beautify their relationship.

Through beautiful new ideas, insightful analogies, real examples, and practical tactics, you will learn how to:

  • Appreciate and validate who you are as
    an individual.
  • Take pride in your womanhood.
  • Understand your husband’s very different way of
    approaching marriage and family life.
  • Identify and remedy the hidden obstacles that are
    sabotaging your personal and marital happiness.
  • Communicate more effectively with your husband
    so that you get the practical and emotional support
    that you need from him.
  • Balance care for yourself with care for the many
    others that you love.
  • Protect your family by proactively managing the
    conflict that is natural to any relationship.
  • Influence your husband in a way that helps him
    mature into his best self.
  • Practice the skill-set that will turn your marriage into
    a partnership that fuels both your dreams and
    his ambitions.


WifeSavers is a digital membership that gives you access to video/audio
lessons, motivating rewards, and live mentoring opportunities to keep
you learning and growing as a women and wife. Key features include:

  • Perspective-Altering Lessons

    Ramona’s engaging mentor-lessons will open
    your eyes to transformative personal and
    marital possibilities—one easy-to-digest lesson
    at a time.

  • Actionable Affirmations and Practice

    Use each lesson’s easy-to-remember affirmation
    and thought-provoking practice to help you
    apply new concepts and see real results.

  • Video & Audio Options

    All mentor-lessons come in both video and audio
    format so you can choose the learning
    style that fits your lifestyle.

  • Set Your Schedule

    Take your time with the lessons: learning,
    growing, and practicing at your convenience
    until each new skill set becomes easy, familiar,
    and natural to you!

  • Earn Badges

    With the completion of each Module (4-8 lessons), a
    “Badge” related to the skill set you’ve mastered will
    help you keep track of (and feel good about!) your

  • Experience Rewards

    Progress from one Level (5 modules) to the next and
    reap the “Delights” you have planned for and
    promised yourself: special things or experiences that
    have deep meaning to you!

  • Live Help and Support

    Take advantage of the regular opportunity to meet
    virtually with other members and to ask your
    questions of Ramona live.


Nearly divorced two years after her own wedding, Ramona Zabriskie knows how it feels to be misunderstood and unappreciated. She also knows what it’s like to be cherished, cared for, and honored.

By the same man.

Over a forty year marriage, Ramona sought out and learned for herself the secrets of truly successful wives and women. In the process, her own relationship was saved, and thousands of other marriages around the world have improved dramatically from her experience, research, and wisdom.

Ramona’s unique and special approach to supporting your marriage has been proven and tested by women worldwide through her multi-award winning book, Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, and her acclaimed Wife for Life University intensive program.

Now, with WifeSavers, you have the opportunity to learn from Ramona in a truly self-directed, self-paced, affordable way.


WifeSavers Works!

July 6, 2018

Not only has my relationship been profoundly transformed but I have been completely transformed as a person. I am happier, lighter, freer, more confident in myself and my power. Ramona is an amazing, compassionate, inspired mentor who lovingly guides you through a wonderful journey! Prepare to be changed forever!

Teacher | United States
July 20, 2018

The WifeSaver principles are so revolutionary and eye-opening; showing me not only the “why” behind my challenges but also how to turn everything 180 degrees. Our relationship has gone to a whole new level and I couldn’t be happier. Regardless of culture and background, this program is a must for every woman!

Engineer | Iran
July 31, 2018

Before I got to know Ramona I often wondered what it was that other women knew and I didn’t. Despite my good intentions, I just didn’t feel I was doing particularly well as a wife, but when I found Ramona, I found the answers! I now understand how relationships work: not just the relationship with my husband, but all the important people in my life—including myself!

Linguist | Poland
July 31, 2018

If I did not share or recommend the things I have learned, I'd explode! How could one keep to themself something so life-saving, family saving and nurturing to the soul?? Ramona's wise teaching walks you through the tougher issues of marriage and helps you to glide right on out to the other side!

Banking | Canada
July 31, 2018

Ramona has helped me feel confident, strong, powerful, and influential as a woman! I have become more independent as well as interdependent with my husband. The principles she teaches will enrich any woman's life, whether, married, single, or otherwise. There isn't one woman on earth I would not recommend this program to!

Homemaker | United States
July 31, 2018

Although I already had a very good relationship with my husband, Ramona’s thoughtfully researched instruction and real-life experience has boosted my confidence as a woman. The knowledge I have gained (and wished I’d had sooner!) has greatly enhanced my marriage by helping me to improve communication and emotional connection!

University career coach | Switzerland
July 31, 2018

I will be forever grateful for the principles that I have been learning; they are the piercing truths you wish your grandmother had passed down to you. Ramona’s zeal is contagious and her perspective and wisdom are so refreshing. Any woman who wishes to become stronger, more empowered, and happier in her marriage would benefit from this program!

Teacher | Italy
July 31, 2018

I searched out many marriage books with the help of a roommate with 2 degrees in marriage and family studies. I read all of her suggested books but they all focused on having a “good” marriage, and I believed there was a level beyond that: the better/best marriage. That’s when I came across Ramona’s work. This is it, I realized! This is what I’ve been looking for!

Accountant | United States
July 31, 2018

Before I found Ramona I felt frustrated, disappointed and hopeless about my marriage. I didn’t know where to start and was very emotional about it. What I felt after applying these principles was amazing! Strong, powerful, full of self-respect, and I recognized my voice again! All my frustration melted away. Instead of waiting for a miracle to happen, I became the miracle!

Graphic artist | Russia
July 31, 2018

This has done amazing things for my marriage. Ramona has provided me with invaluable support and resources to handle our issues with grace and clarity. We are in a much better place now than we were just a few months ago. I cannot thank the program enough for what it has done for me and so many others!

Student | Philippines
July 31, 2018

Love what I am learning from Ramona and the progress my HUSBAND is making with me! It's a beautiful thing to see how I can show him how much he means to me, and he RECEIVES that and returns it in kind. My learning ( and teaching!) allows him to grow alongside me!

Research Scientist| United States

Imagine a life where you feel…

  • Free to create.
  • Happy in your pursuits.
  • Enjoyment in your family.
  • Supported by your marriage.
  • Romanced by your man.
  • Balanced as a woman.

WifeSavers will take you there!

Get Started Now!

WifeSavers has two types of membership to choose from!
(More FAQ’s below.)

Basic Membership

Life-changing educational materials
and motivation:

  • WifeSavers Mentor Video or Audio Lessons: Each one of Ramona’s entertaining lessons gradually increases your understanding as a woman and builds your skill-set as a wife. Check out the curriculum in detail.
  • WifeSavers Affirmations, Reflections, and Exercises: Thought-provoking applications accompanying each Mentor Lesson will bring out your feminine energy, creativity, and joy: the best you!
  • WifeSavers Badges and Delights: Earn fun awards and rewards delight your heart and keep you motivated throughout your WifeSavers

Basic Membership is

only $24.99 a month

(If you’re not immediately thrilled
with the program, we offer a 14-day
money back guarantee.)



Enjoy ALL of the educational benefits in the Basic Membership + Personal And Community Live Support

  • Everything in the Basic Membership
  • Conversations with Ramona: Premium Members enjoy the very special opportunity to interact live with Ramona and the members of the WifeSavers community each month in live group Q&A’s.
  • “Kitchen Table” Conversations: Gather face-to-face with fellow WifeSavers around our virtual “kitchen table” to support and inspire each other.
  • Premium Member Live Webinars: Ramona hosts fascinating live webinars with fellow relationship experts each quarter.

Premium Membership IS

only $34.99 a month

(If you’re not immediately thrilled with
the program, we offer a 14-day
money back guarantee.)



and get these FREE Bonuses With Your Wifesavers Membership!

-Limited Time Offer-



Meet mature, successful women that
have managed to live their dreams
AND love their marriage over the
course of a rewarding lifetime.

Come with me as I plummet the depths of the women I most admire; truly successful and talented wives, many
of whom are my own mentors and exemplars. In these highly personal interviews, I extract the priceless
experience and hard-won wisdom of women who have spent a lifetime crafting their relationships and
cultivating their happiness. I know you will find every one of the “Ordinary Wives, Extraordinary Lives” interviews
enthralling and absolutely invaluable as you pursue your own Grand Life and Marriage! Ramona Zabriskie

*New Ordinary Wives Extraordinary Lives Interviews will be published six times a year. The growing library is available to WifeSaver members after your first eight weeks of membership.



A woman’s guide to recruiting her husband’s help and support without manipulating, pressuring, or nagging

In this highly practical video series, Ramona Zabriskie,
will walk you step-by- step through 8 powerful,
authentic, and loving ways to get the physical and
emotional help you need from your husband. No
manipulating, pressuring, or nagging needed!

These strategies have proven highly effective for
thousands of her students from all over the world, not
only helping them accomplish more in the home, but
actually bringing them closer to their husbands. In four
easy and entertaining lessons you will learn:

*The Helpful Husband Video Course will be yours after your first twelve weeks of membership.



Ten Secrets to Feeling Closer to Your
Husband (and Helping Him Feel Closer
to You) Through Conversation

As a woman, meaningful conversation is one the
most desirable ways to express and engender
love. You yearn to connect with your man this
way, but too often he won’t open up, or he
doesn’t understand your needs. Wouldn’t you
like to overcome the obstacles that keep yo
u from the intimate conversations you long for?
Talk About Intimacy, Ramona Zabriskie’s ebook,
reveals 10 transformative “secrets”, as
well as multiple tactics and strategies that will help you
create those love-filled one-on- ones. in just 42
pages, you will learn:

*The Talk About Intimacy Bundle will be yours after your first sixteen weeks of membership.

an exciting way of assimilating and applying
acclaimed wife-saving principles!



Who is this for?

A vast, diverse body of women from every stage of life (young and old); from every marital experience (engaged to newlywed to long-married, divorced, remarried, single, and never married); from various cultural backgrounds (North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Polynesia, the Caribbean, and Latin America); and from diverse faith heritages (Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc.) are successfully using WifeSavers principles to dramatically affect their lives and marriages.

“Regardless of culture and background, this program is a must for every woman!”

“There isn't one woman on earth I would not recommend this program to!”

“Any woman who wishes to become stronger, more empowered, and happier in her marriage would benefit from this program!”

If you are a woman who is sincere in her desire to improve her life and her marriage (or future marriage), and if you are ready to patiently work at it, be assured that you will be loved and welcomed into the WifeSavers Membership.

*If your marriage is in serious jeopardy, please see question 3 and 9 below.

Do the things Ramona teach work?

Though each student may have applied Ramona’s teachings somewhat differently based on their unique situation and relationship, the results of those that make a real effort are very much the same:

  • Increased love, compassion, and confidence in herself as a an individual and as a woman.
  • Greater calm, resolve, and warmth in her relationships—most particularly her marriage.
  • New excitement for the future.

Using the real-wife tools and perspectives Ramona has given her, student after student reports feeling more in love than ever with their husband. Common disagreements and misunderstandings dispel, long-standing hurts and obstacles resolve, and true friendship and intimacy move the relationship forward in promising, new ways.

“Ramona changed my thinking. She helped me realize that I had never learned real principles pertaining to being a good wife. I am certainly a smart woman who loves her husband, but Ramona gave me the tools to bring my marriage and mine and my husband’s happiness to a whole new level. We really are partners now and are growing into each other’s confidants and soul mates.”

Does the program address critical issues like abuse, addiction, affairs, or mental illness?

No, it does not. Nothing in our program should be taken in lieu of professional academic, medical, or legal advice.

If you have any of the following issues in your marriage, we strongly recommend seeking out appropriate professional resources:

  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse
  • Extramarital affair
  • Mental illness
  • Pornography addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Substance abuse

We cannot guarantee any certain outcome for any member of WifeSavers, particularly those with critical issues present.

Who is Ramona?

Ramona Zabriskie’s given name means "wise counselor" in Spanish, "mighty defender" in German, and "dreamer" in Arabic. All three come together in her career as a marriage mentor and educator. Known for her empathy, passion, and humor, Ramona’s motivational speaking has taken her all over the United States for over thirty years. She began focusing her live presentations on understanding men and marriage in 2008 in addition to writing three internationally popular blogs on the subject. Her subsequent personal involvement with readers and audiences from all over the world led to her work as a mentor and to serious research and writing. Her book, Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, is the winner of multiple awards, and her remarkably effective, virtual school for women, Wife for Life University is acclaimed internationally. Determined to reach and help as many women and families as possible, Ramona’s WifeSavers is her most recent project: a membership and education program changing women’s lives around the world.

Prior to her work with marriages, Ramona spent thirty years writing and directing for the performing arts and chaired a number of service organizations and events focused on women, teens, and disability advocacy. She is the mother of four and wife-for-life to Dale Zabriskie, international keynoter and corporate evangelist. Her husband, children, in-law children, and grandchildren are her biggest fans and have all contributed their varied and professional talents to WifeSavers. As 5th, 6th, and 7th generation Washingtonians in Amercia’s Pacific Northwest, the family lives just over the river and through the woods from Portland, Oregon, where the author continues to work on projects to help and inspire women and the men who love them.

What is the commitment? Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, of course you can! (And your first month will be refunded if you’re not immediately thrilled with the program within 14 days.) The beauty of WifeSavers is that the length and depth of your commitment, including the resources required (time, money, heart, and thought) is totally up to you. Please note however, that students who remain engaged for at least a year or more report the most significant results. A long-term commitment will help you get the most out of your WifeSavers experience and education.

How will I watch and listen to the lessons?

When you join WifeSavers you gain immediate access to our exclusive Membership site. In that virtual space, you will find a wealth of resources including your WifeSavers Mentor Lessons, which you may watch or listen to there. You will also find exercises and downloadable worksheets. The site itself is responsive, which means you can view and navigate it as easily from your smartphone or mobile device as you can from your laptop or desktop computer.

Will I be able to upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Of course you can, at any time during your Membership. The live support offered through a Premium Membership is well worth the few extra dollars a month.

How do WifeSavers Labs work?

WifeSavers Labs are live, virtual Q&As where WifeSavers Premium members can submit questions, either beforehand or at during the lab, and get direct, customize answers from Ramona. Of course, you'll also learn lots of new things from the questions others submit!

The next upcoming lab will be announced through the membership website and by email well in advance so that Premium members can plan ahead to attend. They are held on different days of the week and at different times of the day so as to accommodate our global membership as much as possible.

Premium Members register for a Lab and submit their questions at least 24 hours in advance through the website. Participants are then sent a URL or link, as well as a phone number if preferred, that will allow them to login to our virtual classroom from a computer or mobile device. The Lab itself, which will include Ramona’s live responses and participant discussion, will last 1-2 hours depending on the nature of the discussion. Students are welcome to come and go as needed or desired.

Core Curriculum Overview

Level 1: Your Individuality, Your Womanhood, and the “Why”

  • Module 1:You are a Dream Maker

    (6 lessons) Appreciate your individuality and your womanhood.

    1. Consider your individuality and your womanhood 2. Today’s choices and your future 3. Balancing self with relationship 4. Exploring your creativity 5. Channeling your passion 6. Accessing your power as a woman

  • Module 2: Finding the Why

    (4 lessons) Comprehend why your approach to marriage and family life differs from his.

    1. Your “why” as a woman for marriage 2. Discovering the “theme” of your life as an individual 3. Your husband’s deepest “why” for living 4. How you are integral to his “why”

  • Module 3: Your Husband Positively

    (6 lessons) Understand the biological and cultural tendencies common to men and boys.

    1. The gender spectrum: we all have masculine and feminine energy 2. Going inside with science: brain and hormones 3. A “masculine” way of thinking 4. A “masculine” way of expression 5. Harmonizing masculine and feminine energy 6. How he sees his commitment to you

  • Module 4: What Are We Afraid Of?

    (4 lessons) Identify the insecurities and fears that are sabotaging your relationship.

    1. The impact of your insecurities on your sense of worth 2. Identifying your insecurities 3. The “male” fears he deals with everyday 4. Recognizing your husband’s fears

  • Module 5: The Crazy Ladies and The Castle

    (4 lessons) Identify the inadvertent behaviors and attitudes that sabotage your relationship.

    1. What happens to us when our dreams are frustrated or threatened 2. Identifying the behaviors that undermine your dreams and relationship 3. What your man is supposed to be and wants to be for you 4. The most important element in a successful marriage

Level 2: Loving Yourself While Living With Your Man

  • Module 1: Teaching a Knight to Knit

    (5 lessons) Recruit the practical and emotional support you need from him effectively.

    1. Recruiting his help and support for your legitimate needs 2. Securing his help with the home and family 3. Partners in problem-solving 4. His involvement in emotional issues 5. How to tell him when he’s hurt your feelings

  • Module 2: Getting Off Dream Breaker Road

    (5 lessons) Identify where your marriage is at, where it’s going, and turn it around.

    1. Where getting off track begins for you in the long-term 2. Once you are persistently off-track, how your perception of him devolves to divorce 3. Where getting off track over the long haul starts for him 4. Once he’s off track, how his perception of the relationship devolves 5. What turning around looks like and where it can take you

  • Module 3: Romancing Your Heart

    (5 lessons) Balance care for yourself with care for the many others that you love.

    1. The power to be more peaceful and proactive under stress 2. His (and your) responsibility in your mental and emotional stability and stamina 3. Romancing your heart: Drops 4. Romancing your heart: Delights 5. Romancing your heart: Dazzles

  • Module 4: Preventing Earthquakes and Protecting the Relationship

    (6 lessons) Manage the conflict in your relationship proactively.

    1. The differences between normal and unhealthy conflict 2. Preventing unnecessary unhealthy conflict 3. When you’re worked up 4. When he’s worked up 6. Non-toxic criticism

  • Module 5: The Final Frontier: Persevering and Mountaineering

    (5 lessons) Deal with recurring issues and move past grief and hurt.

    1. Identifying unsolvables: the issues that aren’t going away 2. How to deal with acceptable unsolvables over the long haul 3. What forgiveness is and what it isn’t 4. How to request forgiveness 5. The steps in extending forgiveness

Level 3: Growing With Him: Fostering Connection and Influence

  • Module 1: Becoming His Emotional Intimate

    (6 lessons) Build companionship, friendship, and emotional intimacy.

    1. Honing your intuition as a wife 2. Refining the qualities of what he sees as a true friend 3/ The power in casual, info-based conversation 4. Opening up more intense, opinion-based conversation 5. Encouraging emotion-revealing conversation 6. Dealing with his reveal: emotion-coaching vs. emotion dismissing

  • Module 2: The Laws of Attraction (Part A)

    (5 lessons) Influence him in a way that draws him to you and inspires his personal growth.

    1.The power of perspective: “beholding” 2. Law #1: Acceptance 3. Law #2: Approval 4. Law #3: Appreciation 5.Law #4: Admiration

  • Module 3: The Laws of Attraction (Part B)

    (6 lessons) Influence him in a way that helps him mature into his best self.

    1. Law #5 Availability 2. Law #6 Affection 3. Law #7 Arousal 4. Law #8 Accommodating Accomplishment 5. Law #9 Allegiance 6. Law #10 Authenticity

  • Module 4: Becoming His Physical Intimate: Overcoming Everyday Barriers

    (6 lessons) Identify and manage mental and practical barriers to a fulfilling sexual life.

    1. The purpose of physical intimacy in a lifelong partnership 2. Societal misconceptions, misunderstandings, and lies about sex 3. Common barriers that may be keeping you as a woman from enjoying sex 4. General solutions to those common barriers 5. Family life obstacles and solutions: from trying to get pregnant to having a toddler 6. Family life obstacles and solutions: from elementary-aged kids to empty-nesting

  • Module 5: Becoming His Physical Intimate: Understanding Needs & Difference

    (6 lessons) Understand how you each think about, experience, and need sex differently.

    1. His prespective and approach vs. her feelings and perceptions 2. Sex as a physical need 3. Sex as an emotional need 4. Sex as a spiritual need 5. Sex as a relational need 6. Sex as a benefit to you both

Level 4: Creating Your Powerful Partnership

  • Module 1: Masculine Zest and Inspiration

    (5 lessons) Facilitate his physical health, mental well-being, and emotional energy.

    1. How to help him appropriately and optimally balance work and play 2. Recreational companionship and shared hobbies/interests 3. Making room for adventure because of its impact on his potential 4. The male quest as a biological directive and health imperative 5. How you’ve been his inspiration from the start

  • Module 2: Dream Seeking

    (4 lessons) Partner in finding and inspiring a quest.

    1. The first two attributes of a quest: sizeable, showable 2. The second two attributes of a quest: stretchable, shareable 3. Working together to refine the dream (part A) 4. Working together to refine the dream (part B)

  • Module 3: Dream Believing

    (4 lessons) Preparing to invest in the quest.

    1. What Dream Makers are made of 2. Deciding to believe: questions on patience and persistence 3. Deciding to believe: questions on contributing and sharing 4. Deciding to believe: questions on humility and loyalty

  • Module 4: Dream Keeping

    (6 lessons) Keeping his dreams alive and confidence thriving.

    1. Becoming more effective as a Dream Keeper 2. Dream Keeping: reassuring 3. Dream Keeping: reviewing 4. Dream Keeping: restructuring 5. Dream Keeping: recommitting 6. Dream Keeping: reenergizing

  • Module 5: Dream Weaving

    (6 lessons) Make him a partner in facilitating your dreams.

    1. The two kinds of dream weaving 2. Weaving your dreams with his: shedding 3. Weaving your dreams with his: picking 4. Weaving your dreams with his: battening 5. Examples of successful dream weaving 6. Identifying your dazzles and how to discuss them with him

Level 5: Ready to Soar: The Heights and Depths of Intimacy

  • Module 1: Maturation: The Work of Love on the Soul

    (6 lessons) Comprehend the deepest demands and rewards of authentic love.

    1. The nature of love and relationship: blending and balancing 2. The role of honesty and transparency 3. The role of humility and respect 4. The role of kindness and service 5. How your marital love affects other people and relationships 6. Authentic love and the real you

  • Module 2: Experiencing Emotional Intimacy

    (5 lessons) Becoming an “intimate person” in an intimate relationship.

    1.What becoming an “intimate person” means 2. Blockades to intimacy 3. Beyond the barriers 4. Understanding and dealing with the male mask 5. Managing the influence of media on your intimacy

  • Module 3: Expressing Intimacy Physically: Challenges and Exceptions

    (6 lessons) Working through your the challenges to protect and deepen your relationship.

    1. When his sex drive is less than hers: possible causes and solutions 2. When he sex drive is less than hers: loving through the challenge 3. Protecting your physical relationship 4. Your conscious vs. your comfort 5. Passion and your best imagination 6. The wonders of your woman’s body from his perspective vs. your perception

  • Module 4: Dealing with Conflict: Special Challenges and Practices

    (10 lessons) Practices to help live more peacefully with complex personalities and issues.

    1. Becoming an expert listener with love 2. Tuning into non-verbal communication 3. Identifying “flooding” and the damage it causes 4. The causes of “flooding” and what to do when it happens 5. When trying harder doesn’t work: personality disorders 6. Living with a high conflict personality 7. Communicating with a difficult person or inside a highly charged situation 8. How a wife can become a “disappearing women” and why she shouldn’t 9. Using WifeSaver principles to love him without losing you 10. Identifying mental, emotional, and physical abuse: recourse and resources

  • Module 5: Deep Trust: The Ultimate Union

    (8 lessons) Warding off the threats and cementing the foremost relationship dynamic.

    1. Creating health and longevity through trust 2. The blocks that build your castle 3. Making your relationship a safe haven: receptivity, attunement 4. Becoming a trust“worthy” partner: sustaining loyalty and exclusivity 5. Progressing towards ultimate unity by embracing each stage in the process 6. The dynamics and harm in betrayal 7. First steps for a wife with concerns about a husband’s affair 8. First steps for a wife married to a man with a porn habit or a sexual addiction

Level 6: Love as Your Legacy

  • Module 1: With and For the Children

    (8 lessons) Children strengthening marriage and marriage strengthening children.

    1. Thinking of your identity and roles as a woman in optimal order 2. Dream making for kids: encouraging their interests and pursuits 3. The power in pure relationship (one on one) 4. Facilitating closer ties to Dad 5. Dealing with the his/hers differences in approaches to parenting and discipline 6. Harness holidays, heritage, and tradition 7. Working with, and investing in, the extended family 8. Catch on to community: friends, family, countrymen

  • Module 2: Spirituality in Your Relationship

    (6 lessons) Consider the role that faith could play in energizing and sustaining your marriage.

    1. The power in believing 2. The power in prayer or meditation 3. The power in sacred and faith literature 4. The power in acting on belief 5. The power in a community of faith 6. What to do when you and your man believe differently

  • Module 3: Beyond Good and Great, There’s Grand

    (4 lessons) Cultivate the unique characteristics of a grand marriage.

    1. Build your castle and empire now. 2. Beyond togetherness, there is…3. Beyond commitment, there is…4. Beyond respect, there is…

  • Module 4: Your Best Imagination

    (5 lessons) Reinforce the vision that will carry and motivate you for many years to come.

    1. Cultivating the your most impressionable and influential power 2. Movies/Film/Television • Music 3. Books/Articles/Literature • Fine art 4. Theatre and dance 5. People and stories

  • Module 5: Your Road to Forever

    (5 lessons) Plan what you want from your future; your life, your love, and your legacy.

    1. The stories you tell yourself (and about yourself) 2. Writing your own narrative: introduction, theme, conclusion 3. Planning what intangibles you want to bequeath to posterity and your loved ones 4. Your grand marriage changing the world 5. The “Perfect Place”

Think of all you will learn and change for the better!
Can’t wait to start!




Ramona reveals the five misconceptions that may have gotten your marriage started on less-than perfect footing, as well as the five wife-saving truths that will turn things around in a thrilling way!